USCAP Definiens Tissue Studio

Dear Colleague,

You have arrived here because you have an interest in digital pathology and its potential impact on healthcare. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Recently, I was at USCAP in Washington DC and the clear message there was that digital pathology was on the ascendency – as it well should be. There is enormous promise and benefit from digital pathology to help make diagnosis more accurate through ease of collaboration (slide sharing), more effective image management, and more accurate, objective image analysis related to tissue morphology or biomarker expression.

Every 6 years or so, I have noticed that there is a new “disruptive” technology that begins to take hold, and make a true impact whether it is in translational research or clinical diagnostics (or both!). Based on all of the early signs, digital pathology looks like it very well could be the “next big thing.”

Thank you for stopping by Digital Pathology Insights, and please stop back often, as we will have updated content related to digital pathology, and more importantly, it’s impact on personalized medicine and our daily lives.

Warmest Regards,

Peter Duncan
Director of Marketing and Business Development